The Theory Behind Broken Grooves

the breaking of traditional molds and its reconstruction into new forms
Bridging Worlds

I attempt to portray different cultures through electronic music. I incorporate traditional South Asian and Middle Eastern music with electronica in my Orientalism Series while my Broken Grooves collection highlights Blues, Swing, Flamenco, Hip Hop, and other Western genres.

Broken Grooves

Not broken as no longer working, but broken as being taken apart, deconstructed, and redeveloped. Broken Grooves symbolizes the fracturing of culture from its traditional roots and its transformation into modern electronic music. The abstraction of sound to the point where its original meaning and form has broken while maintaining a structure of harmony and presence.

Sophisticated Musings

I created the Broken Groove mixes to fill the gap between contemporary electronic music and early to mid 20th century sounds from our collective Western culture and history. By combining these two spheres, I create opportunities for listeners to hear our collective history through future/present electronic themes.

Spiritual Connections

Some of my Orientalism Series mixes highlights the profound and spiritual nature of classical South Asian and Middle Eastern music with electronic music. While some producers create spiritual music with synthesizers, I create mixes containing prayers and instruments that have been reverberating for centuries.